1CPD Code Generator

Generate QR Codes Programmatically

The 1CPD mobile app supports scanning QR codes to prepopulate its record an activity form. Those codes can be generated in app, online by anyone, or by programmatically writing your own as shown below.

Each QR code is an image representation of the onecpd:// URL scheme and is followed by the following optional key value pairs, all URL encoded:

activity_typeA string representation of the RCVS CPD activity type that best represents the activity conducted. For a current list of activity types please view our API.
dateA string representation of the date the activity was completed in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD
end_dateSame as date but must be at least one day after date. Exclude if the same as date.
minutesAn integer representing the total number of minutes devoted to the activity. Must be divisible by 15.
noteA string containing any miscellaneous notes on the activity conducted. Maximum 4000 characters.
other_activity_typeA string describing the activity_type if activity_type is set to "Other". Maximum 80 characters.
topicA string that serves as the title of the activity. Maximum 80 characters.

An example of a properly formatted QR code URL is as follows: